Sunday, September 27, 2015

Elance allows buying fake Instagram followers!

It seems that not only Twitter that was (and may be still?) affected by the suspicious software codes that can generate hundreds of thousands of fake followers to some Twitter accounts (i.e. Read more here on the Egyptian musician Tamer Hosny's fake followers).

Instagram had joined the club. A Kuwaiti-based Elance employer had posted a job asking for software developer to create thousands of custom unique Instagram profiles quickly with ability to upload photos to the account to look real and update account name as well. The employer requests also allowing the created accounts (fake ones obviously) to follow any given account or like any given picture.

Guess what! It took one month only for a developer based in Ukraine to deliver the software successfully receiving 5-star rating from the Kuwaiti employer (who posted another job asking for YouTube views).

At New Egypt Consulting as a social media marketing company since 2011, we receive requests from clients who are willing to buy bulk (and of course fake) YouTube views or Facebook likes. We are doing our best to educate them while rejecting to handle such projects (Recently I met an editor-in-chief who was complaining of companies that offer selling even bulk traffic visits). However, social media platforms should be responsible as well. Facebook is actively updating page fans to remove inactive likes, etc (last time on March) while Twitter had removed hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers of Tamer Hosny after our post. What about both Elance and Instagram?

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