Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saudi University Buys Twitter Account (800,000 US Dollars?)

Last September, the Saudi-funded TV channel MBC aired a phone interview with Bassel Al Rashedy, the owner of a popular Islamic Twitter account (1.3 Million followers), who said Qatar offered him 3 Million Saudi Riyals (800,000 US Dollars) to buy his account. The owner, who is Kuwaiti, said he had rejected the offer.

Few days ago, video shows meeting between the account owner and Dr. Suleiman Aba Al-khail, the president of Saudi university, an ex-minister, and who serves also as a member of the Senior Clerks' Committee, the highest religious body in Saudi Arabia.

The president of the university thanked Bassel saying we will cooperate with him, and emphasizing on university's role to spread word of mouth of spreading the message of Islam.

After that, the account published a tweet thanking the previous account administrator, Bassel, and announcing a new administrator who will keep publishing hadiths in addition to defending Saudi Arabia's government, and people.

The above tweet comes from a Twitter account that claims unveiling Saudi and Gulf top secrets from royal courts and decision making rooms. It says the president of the university paid 1.3M Saudi Riyals (346,700 US dollars) to acquire the Twitter account from its Kuwaiti owner.

Since June 5th, political tension escalated between Qatar and its neighbor country the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Twitter is the most popular social media platform in the region where official ministers, and even royal family princes were posting, escalating, and acting as PR machines defending their countries' point of view.

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