Saturday, October 28, 2017

Is Russia Hacking Google Servers?

Is Russia hacking Google servers?
It is strange that Blogger (Google product) stats are showing excessive traffic from Russia last September

We host this blog on Blogger, which is a Google product hosted on Google servers.
The story started with our Blogger stats dashboard shows a excessive traffic to it from Russia & Ukraine!

This was strange for us for five reasons: we do not have Russian content, our services and campaigns are not targeting Russia, we do not work with Russian clients, they appear for a day or two before disappearing, and Google Analytics report doesn't show Russia or Ukraine!

For those who are not aware, Google Analytics are different than Blogger stats dashboard as the latter collects data from all the traffic coming and going from your blog, which does include human traffic, but also includes bots and spam.

The above screen shot shows traffic during September 21st from Russia. Below screen shot for our blog clearly shows normal traffic coming from USA and Egypt (which is logic) while only 3 pageviews were coming from Russia (unlike excessive traffic from there 2 days ago)!

As a pattern of strange behavior, we've noticed excessive traffic to our website from Ukraine. Referring sites list shows completely Russian websites as per below two screen shots:

With the news on the US election and the debate on the American President Donald Trump winning it due to Russian cyber interference. Can this post help in tracing the root causes for possible Russian activities targeting Google servers where our blog is hosted?

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