Friday, September 8, 2017

YouTube Videos: SEO & Marketing Basics 101

Here is SEO & marketing basics 101 for your YouTube videos: Having more social media fans, followers and subscribers only come after having more views to your videos.

To all YouTubers out there, having more views to your videos starts with being:
1) Discoverable in search inquiries
2) Suggested on YouTube for other relevant videos

Both 1 & 2 above are only a result of having your YouTube video title, description, and tags optimized according to the latest algorithm updates on YouTube.

The screen shot above for a YouTuber we're working with. Our social media manager (who is a YouTube certified from Google since 2014) optimized one of his videos according to YouTube's latest algorithm updates.

Within 8 hours only, our optimization for his YouTube video got it 86% of views a 5 days old video had received and 7% of views a 3 weeks old video had received.

New Egypt Consulting is a YouTube marketing & social media company based in Cairo since 2011.
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