Friday, September 8, 2017

YouTube Videos: SEO & Marketing Basics 101

To all YouTubers out there - here is SEO & marketing basics 101 for your YouTube videos: Having more social media fans, followers and subscribers only come after having more views to your videos.

Having more views to your videos starts with being:
1) Discoverable in search inquiries
2) Suggested on YouTube for other relevant videos

Both 1 & 2 above are only a result of having your YouTube videos optimized according to the latest algorithm updates on YouTube.

The screen shot above for a YouTuber we're working with. Our social media manager (who is a YouTube certified from Google since 2014) optimized one of his videos according to YouTube's latest algorithm updates.

Within 8 hours only, our optimization for his YouTube video got it 86% of views a 5 days old video had received and 7% of views a 3 weeks old video had received.

New Egypt Consulting is a YouTube marketing & social media company based in Cairo since 2011.
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