Thursday, September 7, 2017

Top 10 Cairo Best Social Media Agencies!

Looking for best social media agencies in Cairo, Egypt? Be aware that the founder of the social media agency, Rekoya, is the owner of Top10Cairo website that lists his agency as top agency while most of comments are criticizing other agencies while recommending his agency - a clear conflict of interest 

An article titled "The Best Agencies in Cairo To Handle Your Social Media" was published like a year ago on a website called Top 10 Cairo. This might be a very controversial topic but we can't hold ourselves from addressing it - clearly and professionally.

We've been noticing that most of the comments are recommending only one specific social media agency. One comment by someone called Mahmoud, who claims to be a marketing head in a big company, was saying very negative comments on many of other listed and non-listed agencies while, again, recommending the same social media agency!

Also, we've noticed that half of companies listed there were attacked by negative comments except only 4 companies of which 3 of them had thanked the website publicly!

Only 4 companies were not attacked by negative comments. 3 of them (Technowireless, Media & More & Fifth Dimension 5d) thanked, publicly, the website on its official Facebook page

Guess what?
The website owner, Shady Raymond, is the founder of that specific social media agency, Rekoya!

We are not against reviewing any agency or business at all, but we are against manipulating the market as that's a clear conflict of interest that needs to be addressed - again: clearly and professionally.

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