Sunday, June 25, 2017

Facebook Mobile Feature: Take A Break

Two years ago, the social media platform Facebook announced its Take a break feature in an official post by its its product manager Kelly Winters titled "Improving the Experience When Relationships End".

Less than two week ago, Facebook users started to see Take a break as an option when browsing a Facebook profile for a friend, while clicking on Friends on mobile devices. This new feature has not enabled on Facebook mobile application.

It seems that Facebook is trying to make News Feed navigation much noiseless for its user by rolling-out this feature to personal profiles navigation options after being in quiet mode for two years.

Another indicator for Facebook's eagerness to make reduce the amount of noise for its users' News Feeds is suggesting unfollowing Facebook friends when one is unfollowed on a mobile device.
In this case, Facebook was showing a screen asking if you want to unfollow more people.
Once clicked, a list of Facebook friends appears, where you could easily unfollow as much of them as you can.

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