Friday, June 30, 2017

How to Get 100,000 Organic Facebook Fans?

This social media activist is a case study of getting more than 100,000 organic Facebook fans

Ahmed Mohsen is a young social media activist who publishes Facebook posts that are more of investigative journalism. His personal profile posts were widely circulated online among Egyptian youth as he always mentions sources URLs while summarizing trending events in the country.

During 16 months, he published 125 posts that were shared more than 275,000 times as an accumulated total number - according to his own post above that announces reaching 100,000 followers.

Based on his statistics, we can clearly find out how to get or reach 100,000 organic Facebook fans or followers within less than 18 months:

1- Publishing unique content is the king:
Ahmed invests time in publishing a unique content to his Facebook page or personal profile.
He doesn't copy and paste his content from somewhere else.
He loves to organize the Facebook post itself to make it much easier for readers to go through the post tirelessly.
His Facebook posts are usually lengthy, so he doesn't increase its length with long URLs from different news sources he is referring to. Instead, he used Bitly URL shortening service provider to reduce the clutter.

2- Understanding ROC: Return On Conversation:
Ahmed listens to conversations and comments on his published content. He engages with some commentators.
If someone posted a comment or a criticism that is valid, Ahmed immediately edits his Facebook post accordingly.
Liana Evans said that social media marketing is all about return on conversation, and so does Ahmed practice this.

3- Time on social media equals shares & engagement:
Ahmed's content is all about news, and trending news specifically.
News mean time. Time on social media equals shares and engagement.

That's exactly what Ahmed was doing:
He publishes his investigative Facebook posts within usually very few hours from the propagation of whatever news related to an incident, terror attack, viral press conference, or a stupid governmental action.

4- Integrated marketing communications:
Ahmed understands very well that commenting on trending news is not only enough for his content to reach wider audience
He simply applies a very simple integrated marketing communications, yet organic, tactic: He adds the Twitter trending hashtag(s) to his Facebook post to maximize the visibility of his content.

5- Analyze, frequently:
The social media activist was keen to analyze his performance, and measure engagement metrics. That's a very interesting, yet essential, action actually.

On average, Ahmed Mohsen was:
Publishing 2 Facebook posts each & every week (Which is important to keep online momentum)
Getting 208.3 new followers for each & every single day
Getting 800 new followers for each & every single Facebook post
Getting 0.36 new follower for each & every single Facebook post share

Between 11th of April (Publication date for his Facebook post above) and today 30th of June, Ahmed Mohsen gained more than 3,489 new Facebook fans or followers - kindly note that he had deactivated his Facebook account for 10 successive weeks.

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