Thursday, September 17, 2015

Twitter: Ramadan Case Study from Saudi Arabian Brand

Twitter is a very popular social media platform in the gulf region specially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Recently, the business section of Twitter's official website highlighted a success story for Saadeddin Pastry,  a Saudi company specialized in producing and marketing Arabic and Western and chocolates of various type since 1976 (has more than 60 branches throughout the Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and State of Kuwait).

The brand started a Twitter advertising campaign (Both promoted tweets and promoted accounts) during Ramadan 2015 to drive engagement with content that builds an emotional connection, and videos that create demand - targeting users in Saudi Arabia using keywords such as 'Ramadan' and interests Pastries and Sweets.

This Ramadan campaign achieved, according to Twitter, more than 1.8 million engagements, more than 18 million impressions and over 31,000 Retweets. The brand's follower base grew 7.3% during the month to 226,000 – an increase of more than 14,000 new potential customers. In June and July, the brand came out tops in the Twitter rankings in Saudi Arabia measured by number of interactions.

What we've liked about this campaign is utilizing both video content and mobile (as more than 80% of Twitter users are accessing it on mobile devices).

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