Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 Tactics for Tourism Industry Social Media Accounts

Social media is essential for tourism industry of any country (USA, Egypt, etc) especially when multiple destinations are available for different categories of tourism (i.e. medical, beach, religion-based, exhibition tourism, etc).

Attracting more Facebook fans, Twitter followers or YouTube views all will encourage fans/followers to interact to learn proper information, and get replies to their concerns which at end of the day would definitely support the country tourism industry and the satisfaction of the tourists themselves.
Below are 5 recommended tactics for any tourism-related social media accounts:

Tactic 1: YouTube and Facebook accounts MUST mention "Official" word within info tab. Facebook emails in (info) tab should not be Yahoo! emails but only official emails.

Tactic 2: Multiple tourists' nationalities require multiple languages. This might means Facebook page to publish status in French, English, Italian, etc which might confuse page members.
So, keep only 1 Facebook/Twitter page in English and another 1 in each other language (Arabic, Italian, etc). If specific country (or tourism type such as medical) is exporting many tourists (i.e. Germany), then separated Facebook pages and Twitter accounts in German are recommended. UPDATE: You can use Facebook targeting feature as page admin.

Tactic 3: Facebook pages with ACTIVE engagement attract more and more fans to join. Engagement includes news updates, questions to fans, or asking them for feedback.
Singapore tourism Facebook page has 153,000 fans,Swiss has 92,000 fans and Georgia has 30,000 fansEgyptian official tourism page had doubled recently from 4,000 fans in June 2011 to 18,000 fans nowadays.

Tactic 4: Use country Hash-tags (#) within your Twitter posts. Also, use related hash-tags within tweet content such as #Tourism, #free, #hotel, etc.

Tactic 5: For YouTube channel, there are many potential (and powerful) ways to attract tourists though videos.
Try to ask tourists to record short video clips talking about their experience in your country (i.e. Egypt) and post them to the YouTube channel.
YouTube videos with proper tags and title wording are supporting search engines reach-ability. YouTube videos can have bilingual titles.

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