Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Social Media Networks & National Challenges

Social media networks and their massive growth are adding three national challenges to policy makers:

1-Media Communications:
With the open digital communications and social media networks, it is essential to communicate policies to the different segments of people. Different segments have different needs, and are acting/behaving differently.

Integrating the media communications with social media networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) is a key success factor.

2-Security Procedures:
In the past, broadcasting governmental statements over radio waves can contain a public unrest.

During Jan25 revolution here in Egypt, a viral YouTube video of police car running over protesters helped triggering nationwide unrest. After Jan25 revolution, documents leaked from the police intelligence department (State Security) were published online!

Also, cyber security is another key challenge.

3-People-led Communities:
Although internet penetration is facing challenges in Egypt, social media networks can really contribute positively to people-led initiatives and projects.

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