Sunday, March 26, 2017

Book Marketing: Social Media for Early "Solve for Happy" Readers

How book authors & publishers can use social media to get 500 early readers?
Watch Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer at Google X and the author of "Solve for Happy" book, talking about his book marketing activities at the speech event, Talks at Google, in California, USA.

Mo Gawdat says:
"One of the differences between Solve for Happy book and other happiness books is, you know, it is truly a book for reflections.

So you read, you think about it, you go like what did he just say?
I did not believe that all my life, and then you read it again.

I do not know if you recall we spoke about the concept of early readers, so I wrote this book like a Googler world, you know how we use the Google Docs to review proposals or client presentations or whatever together.

So I did that actually when I got to version 2 of Solve for Happy book.
I posted it online, I put a message on social media and got 500 early readers people who I do not even know, who basically went into the book and edited it themselves.

They would go like Mo Gawdat I did not like this sentence may be you should make it this way, you know here is a bit of research that proves what you are talking about, or a bit of research that disproves what you are talking about.

They would argue between them, and you know which was an incredible experience.
So, I got tens of thousands of comments that made version 3 of the Solve for Happy book really almost written by the readers if you want"

To order your copy or to watch the full speech of Solve for Happy author Mo Gawdat:

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