Sunday, April 7, 2013

4 Facebook Tips to Enhance News Feed Navigation Experience

1- Mobile Facebook:
Are you struggling with internet connection speed while browsing your Facebook?
Try browsing this URL where you will enjoy extremely quicker navigation and usable experience

2- Hide Unwanted Ads:
Are you annoyed by paid advertising campaigns whether from Jumia Egypt or Dubizzle Egypt?
Simply, hide all ads from them in one click. Move your mouse's cursor to the annoying ad and you will see X appearing next to it.

Click on X and you will see drop down menu of three choices. You can either hide this ad specifically or even to hide all ads from (Or Dubizzle or whatever).

3- Hide Automatic Posts from Facebook Applications:
Many Facebook fans in Egypt are considering the Islamic applications as useful. Some of their Facebook friends describe the automatic posts by those applications as annoying posts.
If you are considering them annoying, simply you can hide them! Just hide the posts without losing your Facebook friends.

Step 1: When you move your mouse's cursor to any Facebook post, you will see down-direction arrow appearing. Click on it and select Hide option. 
Step 2: Select Hide all stories from Sunnan | سُنَن (or whatever the name of the annoying application)

4- Mute Facebook Notification Sound:

Go to your account settings and choose 'Notifications' tab. Then, uncheck 'Play a sound when ...' option to stop hearing notification sound from Facebook in your headphone :)

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