Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Will Celebrities Boost the Online Advertising CTR?

While browsing Masrawy dot com portal, I found below banner ad promoting Facebook application for LinkOnline (owner of Masrawy portal itself). The ad uses photo of the famous TV presenter Mona El Shazly seemingly to achieve better click-through-rate CTR.

Screen-shot for banner ad on Masrawy.com portal, the ad promotes Facebook application for LinkOnline

Using celebrities within paid advertising campaigns (Facebook ads, banner ads, etc) is a commonly used technique by online marketing executives who seek higher CTR while promoting brands, companies, causes, products or even political parties.

Below post by on search engine watch portal highlights 5 tricks to boost CTR and conversions for your paid online advertising campaigns:

Will Celebrities Boost the Online Advertising CTR? What do you think?

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