Saturday, March 9, 2013

Government's Nose in Egypt Reaches Online Shopping

It seems that our lovely government is digging deeply into internet business operations and online media activities. In a recent press interview with the the head of Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) in Egypt, the guy unveiled some modifications to be sent to Shoura Council or the upcoming Parliament this year.

According to him, the modifications include regulating online shopping by allowing consumers to return the purchased items even if they were functioning properly (shipping charges to be paid by the online shopping portal not the consumer). This is based on a fact that consumer did not touch the purchased item before buying it online, hence returning right is justified according to CPA's head!

General Atef Jacoub, the head of CPA, added that the new e-Commerce regulations include unnamed key terms to affect electronic contracts ensuring more consumer protection.

His interview with the daily Shorouk Newspaper indicated that CPA's suggested modifications to the existing law will increase the law articles from 24 currently to 90 covering different commerce and trade aspects such as time share resort sales in addition to electronic commerce sales.

Are you optimistic about government's intervention in e-Commerce operations?
Do you think that CPA's initiative would lead to more severe intervention in the online media generally as well?

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