Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Social Media Day Egypt Videos #smdayegypt

Image Source: The official Facebook page of Social Media Day Egypt 

Social Media Day is an annual global event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. Social Media Day Egypt was held a few days ago in the Greek Campus here in Cairo as a 3-day event.

Below is a list for almost all videos shared from the event:

1- First Day: Saturday 8th of July 2017:
  • Social media Frame work by Alexandra, The House of Social:

  • Highlights about augmented reality, VR, audio podcasting, Snapchat, etc from Alexandra, The House of Social:

  • Feedback by one of the speakers: Alexander Peninger, CEO of quintly:
  • Review on Ramadan TV ads this year by Muhammad Omar, E3langi:

  • Accepting Reality In the Form of Sarcasm by Marwan Younis:

  • Highlights (Hisham Afifi and Alexandra)

2- Second Day: Sunday 9th of July 2017:
  • Highlights (Ahmed Abbas, DigiSay and others):

    3- Third Day: Monday 10th of July 2017:
    • Ian Manning, Facebook (Regional Head of Agencies for MENA for Instagram as well).

    • Future of Communications by Mark Hamilton, Facebook (Head of Regional Marketing)
    • Facebook Vs. YouTube by Muhammad Sayed Rashed, Wuzzuf:
    • Writing for the Internet by Nour ElDin, Wuzzuf:

    • Orange campaign of Ma3ak Fi Helmak by both Marian Makary (Orange) and Ramez Yousef (Tayarah):

    • Script writing, Amr Wahba:

    • MTM party with Hisham Affifi:

    • Arabish live performance:

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