Monday, May 8, 2017

IT Industry: 4 Challenges (Digital Presence Awareness & More)

Once the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has been formed in the late 90s, the Egyptian government had invested in building a reliable telecom infrastructure to boost the IT industry in Egypt.

IT industry enjoys high profit margins, high salary rates, and unlimited governmental initiatives and support.
We think IT sector in Egypt faces 4 challenges:

1.Digital Presence Awareness:

Many companies have considered websites as just an information tube for irrelative personal data about business owners without any useful product/service info!

The result simply was: no sales leads, work productivity, or communications enhancements from the digital presence, although social media and digital marketing can truly boost the business performance.

ITIDA and other entities need to invest time and money to spread awareness among companies to utilize digital marketing, social media, and online tools to boost sales, maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

2.Information Culture:

In Egypt and especially outside Cairo & Alexandria, there is no culture of remote communications (i.e. contacting government authority to ask about required documents before actually going to it).

The result is: Wasted time in horrible traffic, increased work stress for government employees, and unsatisfied citizen blaming bureaucracy for requesting specific document that will make him getting an additional day off to finalize the paperwork.

Many poor families really need information rather than money or food. Many poor families need to just know the address of Resala charity organization rather than getting Egyptian pounds.

3.Internet Penetration Rates:

Less than 40% of Egypt's population has access to the internet.
Many Egyptian websites are not even mobile-compatible including the Rail Roads Egypt website.

4.IT Illiteracy:

Many users need to ask technical support professionals for help occasionally. Published ISP advertising banners on Al-Ahram daily first-page promoting self-fixing wizard software are a major indicator of IT illiteracy.

Lack of privacy awareness is another national security challenge. Some fake political news were spread as facts from low-profile websites that imitate Al-Ahram website for example!

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