Monday, July 22, 2013

Layar Mobile App: When engagement goes beyond QR codes

My good friend Ayman Salah (Creative Art Director) grabbed my attention to amazing mobile application that is available at both Apple Store and Google Play. The mobile application is called Layar.

Simply, create your account and upload any photo (i.e. your logo). Then, assign specific action for customers who scan your logo using Layar mobile application. For example, customers can be redirected to your website URL, to your mobile application download link, etc. Once done (either as test account or paid account), customers anywhere, with Layar mobile application installed on their mobile devices, can easily scan your corporate logo for example to get directed to discount code or official website.

Layar mobile application allows you to utilize QR-like tool for your own brand, publication, logo, or campaign. Instead of the QR code, you can use just any image or logo.

"Layar merges the digital 'online' and offline worlds, bringing new levels of engagement to a previously one-way conversation" according to the official Layar website

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