Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Video & Film Making in San Jose, California

Interested in film making and living in California, San Francisco Bay Area?

Join Hisham Izzeldin, an independent movie artist who directed the comedy movie Deported, next Saturday November 18th in San Jose to know how to create unforgettable video stories and to learn the essentials of storytelling to create amazing videos for Instagram, Snapchat or any other medium.

Hisham will discuss the secrets of discovering your visual genius. Discover how to tell your own story in your own way and how to make it your own.

Find out how to channel your energy at the moment to be able to express it visually and learn the technical aspects of making your video look stunning.

Who should attend?
This class is for teens (13-18 years old) using any of the social media platforms but want to up the game and post amazing video stories that will wow their friends while learning about film-making and telling an amazing story!

Video transcript:
I could say: Hi my name is Hisham Izzeldin, I am honored to be your instructor for the Art of Film Making workshop. It's going to be exciting.

Not bad, but I could also say:
Hi my name is Hisham, this is me when I was a child
This is me now
If you're wondering what happened? Well, three boys
That's what happened

That was pretty cool too but right now I'm feeling this
What's up
What's up

Boys and girls thank you for your interest in the Art of Film Making workshop.
I'm excited and humbled to be your instructor

A little bit about me: I've been doing videos for almost 10 years now I've attended the film and TV program at De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

I am currently working on my first feature film is called deported the comedy.

I've been to multiple filming workshops in the past. I usually cover the foundations of storytelling and the technical aspects of motion nature but this time I would like to do it a little bit differently I want to help you find your own unique voice.

Let's see if we can bring out the artist in you and uncover your visual genius if you will, and if you don't have one; well we'll make sure you have one by the end of the workshop :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely bring your smartphone's it should be a lot of fun.
Looking forward to it see you soon:

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