Monday, November 6, 2017

Saudi Arabia Bribes Donald Trump (1 Billion US Dollars)

The American President Donald J Trump received a bribe of 1 Billion US dollars in cash from HRH Muhammad Bin Salman, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi blogger Mujtahidd – many of whose tweets have proven accurate, and who apparently relies on whispers from the Saudi Arabia monarchial court – wrote that while Donald Trump was in Riyadh last May, a yacht has arrived to Jeddah sea port where authorities were prevented from interacting with it under ultra security surroundings!

Boxes and bags with 1 billion US dollars were carried out to the yacht by a few people. Once money was fully transferred, the yacht left Jeddah port without any clue where it comes from, or to where is the new destination!

The Twitter account that has nearly 2 million followers claimed receiving exclusive leaks from the inner circle of the Saudi crown prince MBS confirming that money was sent from the prince personally to the American President Donald J Trump as the yacht belongs indirectly to Trump group of businesses.

Twitter is the most popular social media platform among the population of Gulf region where official ministers, and even royal family princes are posting, communicating, and acting as PR machines representing their countries' point of view.

Last month, the president of Saudi university who is an ex-minister who serves also as a member of the Senior Clerks' Committee, the highest religious body in Saudi Arabia, had reportedly paid 346,700 US dollars to acquire a popular Twitter account that Saudi's rival Qatar had proposed 800,000 US dollars to acquire - but the Kuwait account owner preferred to sell to Saudis.

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