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Social Media Marketing Freelancer / Agency on Upwork? Avoid 8 Clients

If you are a social media agency that has an Upwork profile, or even if you are a social media marketing freelancer, we would recommend avoiding 8 types of clients (7 are generic and applicable to any agency or freelancer actually):

1- Clients who ask marketing freelancers to go viral on social media:

Some clients are looking for going viral by asking social media marketing freelancers to share their content on Facebook groups and YouTube comments! If you are a social media agency, you should avoid submitting proposals there.

2- Clients with old registration date, payment method not verified, previous jobs posted, and zero hire rate:
Payment method not verified, old registration date, previous jobs posted, and zero hire rate!
Social media marketing agency or freelancer? Just avoid submitting proposals for such projects

Clients who have those 4 conditions together are usually looking for free tips and hints from the maximum number of agencies and freelancers on Upwork.

3- Dozens of invitations & interviews:
Social media marketing agency or freelancer on Upwork?
Avoid submitting proposals to this project

Some clients post a job and invite zillions of freelancers and agencies to submit proposals. If the number of invitations or interviews exceeds 10, we recommend you to avoid submitting a proposal.

Usually, those clients are either hesitating on what they actually need, or are just looking to get free tips and hints from the maximum number of agencies and freelancers on Upwork.

4- Only 1 invitation and also 1 interview:

Social media marketing agency or freelancer on Upwork?
Avoid submitting proposals to this project

Jobs that are posted with an indicator of only one single invitation are usually jobs that know their way to a specific agency or freelancer, where client and service provider had already agreed to work on Upwork.

5- Clients who ask you to work outside Upwork:

If a client cheats the platform that brought you to him, he would cheat you as well, too.

One client sent us her website to check after submitting our proposal. During a conference call, she said her graphic designer did not complete something because he started pursuing his master degree.

She insisted that she paid his fees but he did not deliver. The entire story was a signal of something wrong. As we moved forward, she asked us to work outside Upwork, and of course, we rejected.

6- Clients with too many old, yet open, contracts:

Clients who have too many old inactive open contracts that started 1 or 2 years ago are a big question mark.

We had only 2 bad Upwork experiences out of total 14 projects. One of them was a client that falls under this category.

Those clients usually have a bad behavior to their freelancers or agencies, so they do not end the contract to avoid getting a negative review.

Unfortunately, Upwork lowers your JSS (Job Success Score) if you ended the contract yourself without waiting for the client to end it (which we did without knowing this fact).

7- When payment method becomes unverified after the contract begins:

Our second bad Upwork experiences (Out of another 12 great experiences with excellent reviews) happened with a client that falls into this category. Those clients are usually willing to get your experience but are not willing to pay.

He started to claim we agreed on a lower hourly rate (although the only client is the one who can send job offer with specific hourly rate where service provider can't increase), and asked our Upwork account manager to lower the rate to avoid getting a negative review that will lower JSS!

In this case, even if you decided to stop working and end the contract, you will not get paid for the amount of work you've had delivered during the week (Was slightly less than $1,000) as you are not eligible to Upwork protection. In addition, your JSS will get lower (It went lower anyway due to client's review).

While working with a new client on a daily basis, always make sure, on a daily basis as well, that her/his payment method is still verified.

8- Clients who post an hourly job but asks for a fixed cost one (with negative reviews):

Hourly contracts protect the rights of agencies and freelancers much more compared to fixed cost projects.

Agencies and freelancers should avoid proceeding with clients who post an hourly job but asks for hiring on a fixed cost basis, if and only if the client has negative reviews.

Here at New Egypt Consulting, we faced this incident twice and when we checked clients' profiles again, we've found 2 stars review (without feedback) for one and an old 1-star review starts with capital AVOID feedback for another.

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