Friday, February 7, 2014

Social Media Workshop Training Day in Cairo, Egypt

Day 1 - Sat 22nd of February
From 12PM to 6 PM
Ticket Price: 250 L.E
Workshops Venue: Almaqarr
Contact Number: 01000039400

Workshop Description:

The Social Media Workshop will help lay the foundation for your online success by investigating into the various ways you can use social media to promote, inform, connect and converse with your key audiences.
• Introduction (Digital)
• What is social media and why do I need it?
• Social Media Landscape Overview
• The Power Of Social Media
• Social Media Classification
• Building a social media strategy
• Understanding customers in social media
• Customer service in social media

The Trainer "Mustafa Mattar":
Digital Strategy Director (Breakthrough Consultancy) A 360 Traveler in digital world (Tech Operations - Media Development – Advertising) for more than 14 years.
An expert with wide strategic vision on the digital field and the processes of specifying organization's vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives
o Products Development Manager - LinkOnLine
o Digital Strategies Manager - Connect Ads
o Digital Ads Manager - MSN Arabia
o Digital Media Strategist - MSN Arabia



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