Wednesday, February 5, 2014

FREE Social Media Marketing Training @ US Embassy Cairo

Criteria for Selection:
1- Founder or Co-founder for Start Up or Company or Student Activity
2- Age 18 – 35
3- Your project could be an idea or you have started already

Important Notes:

1- First come - First Serve
2- Deadline is 18/2/2014, and if we have got big number of applications we will start the filtration early
3- Just the accepted applicants who will be allowed to attend the training, and No exception will be allowed

If you’re interested in attending fill in the online application:

23 Feb. 2014 - Social Media By Mr. Mohamed El-shrief (
1-Before Social Media
2-Social Media Strategy
3-Content Strategy VS. Content Marketing
4-Paid Advertising
5-Dos and Don'ts

25, 26 Feb. 2014 - Marketing & RCA with Eng. Waleed Faird and Eng. Mohamed Yousef (, (

Both are founders for Marketing House Company.

Day 1
Introduction “what's marketing?”

1-Find your niche
3-The competition in the market
4-Marketing message
5-Describe the problem and state the solution
6-Tell the customer “why us?”
7-What is Marketing Mix ?
8-Product decision
9-Customer decision
10-Price Decision
11-Place Decision
12-Pull and Push strategies
13-What we got today?

Day 2
Root Cause analysis in business

2-Define the problem
3-Find the Cause
4-Prove the Cause
5-Start up Marketing (Brief)

General Notes:
1- There is certificate from US Embassy will be offered for whom attended the two days training.
2- Come to US Embassy at 10 AM Exactly.
3- You need to have a pen and paper
4- session will start at 10 AM and ends to 3 PM
5- Deadline 18/2/2014, Names will be published via GOL page and the Embassy will send confirmation mail for who is accepted.
6- session is FOR FREE, NO FEES is required.
7- For whom will leave the session early before 2 PM or come late after 11:30 he/she will not be able to get the Embassy Certificate.

Place: US Embassy
IRC Fan page:
GOL Team fan Page:
Marketing House page:

Contact Person:
Eng. Mostafa Shahat

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