Friday, October 25, 2013

E-Marketing Course in the AUC Curriculum

It is really a very good step to add internet marketing and online media generally to the courses that are taught to the students of the business schools in a developing country like Egypt.

Since 2003, the AUC website lists the e-Marketing course only as occasionally offered course for marketing specialization students. The course is designed to hone skills in E-Marketing, including developing a comprehensive E-Marketing plan and creating an interactive website, according the AUC website.

However, it seems that course lecturer Dr. Ibrahim A. Hegazy has already updated the content of the course. The e-marketing course now covers:
* E-Marketing Strategy and Planning
* E-Marketing Enviornment (Legal, etc)
* Research and Metrics
* Consumer Behavior Online
* Customer Relationship Management CRM
* Product and Pricing (i.e. online pricing strategy approaches
* The Internet for Distribution: Course description file (PDF format) refers to that "Cisco e-commerce study reveals mobile phone to be new 'fourth channel' for revenue(2008)"
* E-Marketing Communication
* SEO Search Engine Optimization
* Online Media (Social Media Focus)

As you can see, the course clearly provides excellent insights and knowledge to students covering essential aspects of online marketing such as E-Marketing strategy (integration with corporate strategy, etc), search engine optimization (how to attract search engines to the website of your company, etc) and the online behavior (usability, ad blindness, etc).

Will other universities join AUC and to start adding E-Marketing as major course for marketing students?


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