Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Egypt: PayPal is Officially In

Today: I created account on PayPal after enabling Egypt as country and I just received above welcome email from PayPal

It is official now! PayPal arrives to Egypt :)
The website now has EG section:

It is good news here in Egypt specially for individuals who are interested in purchasing items online from leading e-Commerce portals such as Souq, Jumia, Dubizzle, Amzaon & eBay. I do not know how PayPal's presence could affect service like Cairo-based for example (that handles customs affairs for  items purchased online from US or UK on behalf of the customers delivering them to your doorstep)

Software developers, IT professionals and even social media marketers here in Cairo will definitely boost their revenues and client base by offering their services and solutions not only to local market but also to international vendors and global companies.

I do not expect PayPal to severely affect the commerce inside Egypt for now specially with current dollar exchange rates since PayPal still requires credit card or bank-issued payment card.

The key challenge for PayPal in country like Egypt is to allow pre-paid cards (like OneCard) to be used to deposit money inside a PayPal account. This step will truly boost national trade here in Egypt specially across entrepreneurs, and start-up companies (even micro-finance scale for farmers and freelancers).

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