Friday, August 17, 2012

Daily Egyptian Newspaper uses QR Codes

The daily Egyptian newspaper Al Youm Al Sabe' (7th day) had introduced a new service that utilizes QR codes for its 'offline' readers who have smart phones such as Andriod, Apple iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Windows mobile.

Simply, the printed newspaper will add QR to some news stories were readers -using smart phones- can directly watch video clips or view photo gallery related to story.

This newspaper is known for utilizing digital media. It started actually as online news portal along with weekly printed newspaper.
After the revolution of 25 January, the newspaper converted into daily published newspaper. Today, portal rank is #6 among top Egyptian websites according to Alexa. It is the most visited newspaper website in Egypt outperforming its next online competitor Al-Ahram newspaper (ranked # 14).

Do you think that QR codes -as digital marketing tool- are increasingly gaining attention here in Egypt among business sectors and marketing functions?

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