Friday, August 10, 2012

3 Key Success Factors for Online Monetization

For company or organization to earn revenues online, it has to consider 3 factors:

1- Unique Content: The king of internet is your content. As long as you have unique content that is addressing specific segment(s), then 100% you will be able to monetize it. For media production company or TV channel, their main content is videos (music & video clips).

2- eCommerce Website: Selling your content via online portal is an important part of revenue strategy for any company. Updating the website to allow visitors to purchase online  is essential considering high growth for e-Commerce globally.

3- Marketing Integration: Monetizing online content is not only about selling products or adding Google AdSense to website code. It is essential to set integrated marketing communication strategy for any company in order to maximize its ROI for online presence including potential advertising opportunities.

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