Friday, October 7, 2011

Employee Credit and Blame = CEO Pass and Take

This is very interested article from Harvard Business Review blog featuring leadership in business companies.
The article highlights UK/US repetitive (me) style of speech unlike European and Indian CEOs who speak language of (we) or (our team). But the most important part of the article is following quote:

"It's no big news that leaders in turnaround situations tend to play a more prominent role in their companies than leaders in business-as-usual scenarios. What's interesting is, in interviews, the CEOs who had led turnarounds took personal responsibility when things went wrong and did not hesitate to share the credit with their teams when things went right.

These types of higher-ambition CEOs acknowledge the role they must play as exemplars. They see the willingness to accept personal responsibility — especially during tough times — as critical to winning the trust of employees and other stakeholders. Leaders, in their view, need the endurance and stamina to lead their organizations through thick and thin. They also need to contain the anxiety of their employees. A leader who spreads the blame, who fails to accept that he or she is ultimately the one in charge, increases the insecurity of their people and lessens the likelihood that they'll take ownership of initiatives"

Here you can read the full Harvard Business Review article (By Tobias Fredberg is Associate Professor of Management at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden).

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