Thursday, October 6, 2011

Father of iPhone's Steve Jobs is Syrian

Believe it or not, the late Steve Jobs is son of a Syrian father; professor Abd El Fattah Jandali who is known in Western media as (John Jandali). The father John and his girlfriend while in studying in US went into relationship and the result was the boy Steve. The girlfriend's conservative christian father denied to allow her daughter to marry Arabic guy.
So, the girlfriend (mother of Steve) decided to offer the son for adoption (التبني), and family got him raised and educated (Steve's mother requested college education for the son). The adoption family was Paul and Clara Job.

The fact was that Steve Jobs, late Apple CEO, had almost never met his 'biological' father. In August 2011, the latter told The Sun daily UK newspaper that he "fears he will never get to meet his son" (Full interview with Steve Job's father here). Two months later, the founder of iPhone/iPad company had passed away.

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