Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Watch Out: Google Forgot to Update Its Blogs!

At 2011 end of Q3, official Google blogs of both AdSense and AdWords are dated (C) 2010

As freelancer internet marketer and social media consultant, I frequently check Google blogs, such AdWords blog and AdSense blog for example.

Guess what?

The footer of both blogs are dated 2010 unlike Google Webmaster Central blog for example.
Yes! Both Google official blogs of AdWords and AdSense are having footage:

©2010 Google - Privacy Policy - Terms of Service

Well, it seems that Google teams at both AdSense and AdWords are busy calculating advertising revenues, so they do not have time to update the 2010 :)
A colleague would suggest another reason: Google teams are busy innovating and updating their products, so they overlook such small points.
What do you think Google?

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