Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Using GoDaddy Email? Hide Purge Button NOW!

I had been using email from GoDaddy (Web-based It is really reliable and has many powerful options (including mobile email) that compete with Microsoft Outlook.

I went into trouble today, I received important reply from a client, and mouse suddenly touched "Purge" button that permanently deletes the message! I immediately asked him to re-send the email that he just sent me few seconds ago. Then I found following method to hide this purge button to avoid such trouble:

Go to Settings, then click Display Settings, then select tab of Action Bar.
Now, just drag and drop unwanted button (i.e. Purge) from both: List View selected buttons, and Individual Message View selected buttons.
It is up to you whether to keep location of purge button empty, or to replace it with other button like what I did below to replace with Flag button.

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